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Getting Pregnant | All you need to know before you plan one conceiving garbhadharan hindi kannada


Pregnancy, I call it as a milestone in one’s life. Parents-to-be have to plan this well considering the current way of life, jobs, nuclear family setups, finance, and many other factors. Also, sometimes this natural process of getting pregnant becomes difficult for many women. The lifestyle factor, age, hormonal changes, fibroids, stress takes a toll on your health affecting your dream to get pregnant. To avoid such scenarios and help you plan a healthy and practical pregnancy here’s an article for you.

Getting Pregnant | All you need to know before you plan one


Getting Pregnant | All you need to know before you plan one conceiving garbhadharan hindi kannada

1. Talk and be prepared

A sound relationship with your partner is a must before you plan a pregnancy. A new life carries a lot of duties & responsibilities. You also need to share a lot of your personal time to take care of the baby. This is the reason why it’s important to discuss with your partner if you are deciding to add a new member to the clan. Pregnancy and the rearing of the child is mutual responsibility and not limited to only women.

2. Plan your Maternity break

A pregnant woman or a new mum needs a lot of support physically and mentally. If one is in a nuclear setup you may want to check if your parents or in-laws are joining you during those initial days. If not you may start your search for a maid or you can check for antenatal and postnatal service providers in your city. If you are working then please do check the company policy for maternity leaves or if you can opt for sabbatical leave or work-from-home option, which is always a preferred choice.

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3. Finance & Expenses

There was a time when a family hardly had any expenses for the pregnancy and the delivery. But with so many advancements, one needs to have a lot of finances to meet hospital bills and post-delivery care. And hence, a good amount of planning and saving is much needed. Most health insurances cover delivery expenses up to 2 kids and hence you may want to check it.

4. Exercise & Stay Fit

If you love lazing around all the time then its high time when you need to step out of the comfort to stretch your muscles. Being lean is definitely not a sign of being fit. A leisure walk, yoga, or hitting a gym is a must to remain fit. This will ultimately reduce your complications to conceive and later in pregnancy.

5. Lifestyle Changes

Alcohol, smoking, unlimited tea/coffee are detrimental to health. Not specifically to women but for all. Addiction to these can never keep you healthy in the longer run. In case, you are striving hard to get pregnant then limit or NO is the key. This will also help to detoxify your system and making it healthy.

6. Prenatal Supplementation

Taking a prenatal vitamin with the recommended folic acid before and during pregnancy can prevent birth defects of a baby’s brain and spinal cord. Folic acid is the synthetic form of Vitamin B9 which is required for the body’s development and good health. Please do take the advice of the Doctor before you start on pills.

7. Monitor Ovulation Period

Ovulation is an important key to conceive and understanding the right ovulation cycle is another important aspect to get pregnant. Ovulation is the release of the eggs from the ovaries, later fertilization by sperm. There are plenty of ovulation kits available by which one can check the most fertile period to conceive. These kits are easily available and help you to know about your most fertile days.

8. Eating Healthy

You are what you eat! This is the old saying, still, holds true in today’s time. Spinach, bananas, Eggs, Fortified cereals, Beans, Lentils are good immunity boosters and keep your health intact. Skipping a meal is another hindrance to good health. Please make sure you eat on time with limiting junk food.

9. Seek Medical Advice

Make a pre-pregnancy appointment with the best doctor around. You may want to discuss on few factors like age, diet, birth control(one who’s been taking birth control pills may need time to conceive), any medication you might be undergoing, exercise, sex, and ovulation. Don’t forget to take your partner along, discuss any medical history in the family that’s a concern.

10. Don’t Stress & Be Happy

Being not happy or stressful life is a major concern for everyone and especially affecting those who are planning to conceive. There are multiple ways by which stress can be reduced. Eating right, smooth communication, meditation, and not overdoing things are the basic disciplines one can have. A stress-free life can take you one step closer to happy pregnancy.

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