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With a newborn at home, a major concern would be managing and cleaning their pee and poop. How effectively and hygienically you can do this matters a lot like a baby’s skin is too delicate and can be prone to rashes or infections very easily.  Using a disposable diaper is easy as your only job would be to put on a new one and throw the other one into the bin. But if you are a parent who is environment friendly and worries much about baby’s skin I’m sure you would wish to learn more about CLOTH DIAPERS and hence here’s an article on this.

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Varieties of Cloth Diapers

1. Plain stitched or ready Langot – Triangle Traditional, Tying, Velcro & pad additional. You get pads too.

2. Square Cloth – Origami Fold with a snappy

3. Advanced Readymade Cloth Diapers

With so many brands in the market and a lot of many varieties, I felt it was too complex and never used any of these advanced Cloth Diapers for Disha. Disha my daughter is 5 years old and I have a 6 months old son now. Initially, I used disposable diapers and slowly moved to langot style diapers at home with a plastic sheet below until he started to move, and at night to give him full night sleep I still used the disposable ones only. With him learning to roll and move my worry started on what needs to be done as using disposable diapers the whole day wasn’t a great idea.

As I said I was not confident in using cloth diapers because of the complex learning and varieties available in the market. I gave it a try and came across this brand called Superbottoms. These modern cloth diapers are waterproof, give a dry feel to the baby, and help avoid rashes too.

Glimpse to the varieties

On their website, each and everything is mentioned and there are only two major varieties.

1. Superbottoms New Born UNO 

2. Superbottoms Free Size UNO 

Managing and Cleaning Baby Poop :

Now when baby poops it is a concern and hence they have fleece liners. Every time you put a diaper on your baby you can simply slide in this liner and just change the liner if a baby poops. These clothes are too good and you can easily wash off any stains. At first, you can use a spray faucet to remove all the poop on the liner and just agitate a bit to remove the stain, note that removing poop has to be done immediately and kept aside for wash later. I’ve been using these for over a month and it’s great! Divij used to poop only once a day earlier and as he grew his poop schedule changed and it has never been an issue with these super bottoms diapers. The wipes from super bottoms are also of the same cloth and great to use instead of wet tissues.

Method of Washing :

For Machine Wash :

  • Prep Wash – Rinse and wash for 20 minutes with a little detergent
  • Main Wash – Wash it along with all other clothes but do not add comfort or any stain remover

For Hand Wash :

  • Prep Wash: With little detergent in a tub full of water agitate well and squeeze. Rinse in plain water 2 more times.
  • Main Wash: Rub little soap if needed and wash just like normal clothes. Rinse 2 times ensuring soap is well removed.

Line dry all the diapers and sundry. During monsoon, you can fan dry them too. They dry well.

Few things I loved about the brand

1. Only one wash prep – the more you wash the more soaking capacity

2. 100% certified organic cotton inserts

3. 1st Indian brand to be certified

4. Great customer service – WhatsApp support, FB group.

5. Smaller crotch

6. Attractive colors and Indian designs

7. Travel friendly

8. Size adjustable from 5-17 kgs

9. Extender if baby outgrows the diaper

10. Simple to understand and easy to use.

Video: Cloth Diapers in India 

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