Hey there! Ever feel like your family just doesn’t have the energy they used to? You might be surprised to learn that iron deficiency is a common culprit, both for growing kiddos and busy moms.

Tots and Moms have a super cool Iron-Rich Food Combo that’s like a superhero squad for fighting fatigue! Let’s break down why iron is important and what makes each product in this combo so awesome.

Why Iron is Important?

Iron helps your body to use energy. It provides all the energy you need to do the things you like without any tiredness. It helps in building strong muscles and bones thereby helping your body grow stronger. Iron helps to fight off the infections. Iron is very vital for your brain. It gives you the ability to think clearly and learn new things easily.

Iron Rich Foods

Instant Ragi & Oats

It’s made of dual ingredients Ragi & Oats. Sprouted Ragi are rich in calcium and Oats are rich in fiber. These two combined together help in easy digestion. It is creamy in texture. It can be easily prepared by just mixing it with the hot water. It promotes stronger bone development and helps to fight against diseases.

Sprouted Ragi Powder

Ragi is one of the oldest grains in India. It’s a storehouse of calcium, iron, and fiber. It helps in strengthening the bones, aids in easy digestion, and makes iron absorption by the body quick and easy. It can be prepared easily by mixing with water and heating in a low flame. It also prevents anemia and contributes to cognitive development.

Millets Sathu Mavu Mix 


It’s a combination of 8 nutritionally dense millets with gram lentils and dry fruits. It helps in muscle development, boosts brain power, and acts as an immunity booster. Promotes gut health and digestion. No sugar, salt, preservatives, or chemicals have been added

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Dry Dates Powder


Say goodbye to refined sugar! Sun-dried Dates Powder is a natural sweetener that’s bursting with iron, vitamins, and fiber. It helps keep their energy levels up without any crashes, just like a superhero! Plus, it supports a healthy gut, which is important for keeping them feeling their best.

Bonus: All-Natural Goodness!

The coolest part? All of these Tots and Moms products are free from artificial sugars, flavors, and preservatives. They’re like a breath of fresh air compared to other options! Plus, they’re  Jaivik Bharat certified, so you know you’re giving your family the good stuff.

These amazing products are also super versatile. You can mix them into porridges, smoothies, or even bake yummy treats like cookies or pancakes. It’s a fun way to sneak in extra iron and nutrients without them even noticing!