Quitting Your Job for  a Stress-Free Pregnancy?

I run a factory and we have an all-women team. Not one, but a few women got pregnant coincidentally at the same time and two proposed quitting the job and one just didn’t turn up after the pregnancy confirmation. There are mixed opinions about women working during pregnancy and in this video, I shall try to help you to decide what one can choose, whether to quit or not quit. As one theory says being active till the last day of pregnancy is good and another says it’s riskier and hence better to rest than risk. Let us understand whether you should quit your career/work during pregnancy in detail. 

Factors to be considered about working during pregnancy 

Let us talk about the factors that need to be considered.

Healthy Pregnancy – Your baby is growing well and you have less or no vomiting or any kind of discomfort. You are strong both physically and mentally and confident about handling yourself in the due pregnancy, that is a good sign. 

Supportive Work Environment – Your workplace is ready to give you WFH or give you options to choose a role as per your health state. Especially if you are in a factory environment you can ask to switch departments and I’m sure they shall accommodate. They can also lend you leaves in the initial days of struggle with pregnancy and also for regular doctor visits. 

Financial Stability – You’ve enough savings or you’ve a financial support system in the form of your partner or parents or in-laws, then depending on how your pregnancy is and in what form you want to enjoy the pregnancy you can take a call. 

Career Goals – How important is your career to you? Do you think this break and post delivery break will not hurt your career? Make a choice on what suits you again, as many professions do not get affected with breaks and we see both men and women taking breaks from a profession to return rejuvenated. 

Family Goals – Is your partner an equally supportive one in all family matters including household chores, finances and parenting? Discuss things internally, and see if you are getting much support from other family members too. 

Case Study Examples of Women continuing to work during Pregnancy

I’ve encountered many working women, each of whom has their version of pregnancy and job. 

There has been a case where a woman is completely devastated after quitting the job as the first month took a toll on her, but the future months were easy and she had nothing to do at home and felt miserable. 
A woman who was advised to rest chose to continue to work as she was ambitious or had financial commitments, found it very difficult to handle work pressure and it hurt her mental health and pregnancy. 
Women who have not taken more than 6 months of maternity break and some at those jobs who’ve been back to work right after a month or two of delivery due to their financial requirements are happy, energetic, and non-complaining.
I would like to share my personal experience here. With my first child I was bleeding in the first month and then advised a few days of rest but I quit my job and was home with nothing to do but watching hours of TV and being a witness to my own real family drama. My BP shot up at 6th month and I delivered a premature 1.5 kilo weighing baby at the beginning of 8th month of pregnancy. 

With my second child, I worked till the last night of the delivery with a baby weighing 3.75 kilos and happily delivered a full term and a calm child. Yes, what you do during pregnancy, greatly impacts your child’s mental health too. 

One is advised to be fully active during pregnancy because that is how you can aim at a normal delivery, but that is not a promise and that shouldn’t be the goal. There have been very few mishaps of pregnancy due to a woman working and hence it is not bad to work during pregnancy and all you need to do is decide what suits you by talking to family, work and doctor and see what suits you the best. Remember to prioritize health over finance as nature does not understand your social constraints. 

In my next article I shall talk in detail about how a pregnant working woman can manage work and personal health. Let me know if you want me to write such articles.

Happy Pregnancy!

Video: Should you quit your career/work during pregnancy?