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A full-term baby completes 9 months 2 weeks or 40 weeks in the mother’s womb. Any delivery which happens 3 weeks prior given date is considered Premature Delivery. It is considered as high risk if the baby is born during 24 – 32 weeks and moderately risky if the baby is born between 32 – 34 weeks. Premature babies are visibly underweight and will generally have lots of complications.

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Risks involved during Premature Birth

Premature babies are underdeveloped and may face many health concerns, some of which may be short-term and some lifelong.

1.    Underdeveloped Organs including lungs and heart

2.    Jaundice

3.    Infections

4.    Anemia

5.    Unable to Breastfeed

6.    Difficult to Hold or Bathe

In the long run, they may face intellectual and developmental disabilities or delayed growth. Intestinal problems, vision problems, hearing loss, and dental problems.

Causes of Premature Birth

A pregnant woman with below mentioned health conditions is likely to have a premature delivery

1.    Diabetes / Sugar

2.    High Blood Pressure

3.    Heart Disease

4.    Kidney Disease

Other factors which can impact in Pre-Mature Birth are

1.    Poor Nutrition during or before Pregnancy

2.    Certain Infections

3.    Bleeding in First Trimester

4.    Age Factor

5.    Premature Birth in previous Pregnancy

6.    Multiple Miscarriage or Abortions prior this Pregnancy

7.    Pregnant with Multiples

8.    Little Gap between Pregnancies

9.    Weakened Cervix opening early

10. Stress During Pregnancy

Signs of Premature Delivery

1.    Pressure in lower belly or cramps

2.    Frequent Contractions

3.    Change in Vaginal Discharge, watery, mucousy, or bleeding

4.    Constant Lower Backache

5.    Water Breaks

How to Prevent Premature Birth

If you know the causes you will partially know all that you need to do. Here’s a shortlist of some important things you need to keep in mind.

1.    Visit the doctor regularly and follow suggested tests & medication.

2.    Stay hygienic, have safe sex

3.    Eat healthily and Drink plenty – avoid uncooked meat

4.    Stay stress-free and exercise

5.    Do not hold your urine

6.    Watch your weight – anything more or less talk to your doctor

Video: Premature Delivery Reason & Prevention

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