What’s it with Immunity and the Immunity Booster Foods, so familiarly heard by and spoken commonly by every other parent, articles or  in recipes and food products. Well when it comes to the babies and growing toddlers its always pinned down to the only factor ”The Health and Nutrition” delivered by the food. This is what its all about if the foods we are choosing for our family and toddlers at the early age is being absorbed to give health and energy there by staying fit and ill free, increasing the IMMUNITY against diseases and making the body stronger eating the right immunity booster foods.


Immunity Booster Foods for Babies, Toddlers, Kids and Family

What is Immunity?

Immunity an internal power, building resistance to stay healthy in and out. A happy internal and external body thereby happy parents and healthy growing toddlers and babies mutually benefit in a happy life.

For all this, a healthy diet is the key to keeping family and kids’ immune systems in top immune form.

Why is it important to Boost Immunity?

New growing system of the child falls prey to infections and side effects very easily getting them down to no eating and no energy level, that’s so painful to digest by the parents and we try to quickly get the kids over it.  Isn’t it true parents!

In that case we all are aware of the importance of a balanced diet for children that is the importance of boosting immunity for recovering quickly or to stay away from infections. While we do this side by side and take best care of our child’s daily nutritional requirement, we need to include super power foods that contain nutritional benefits and goodness to boost immunity and fight infection for good health.

fruits that boost immune system

To share the facts, we have a highly recommended and researched list of super power nutritional immunity booster foods to include and indulge the family and kids to learn the healthy and easy way to take care of the health and happiness. As we all know “A family that eats together, will stay together!”

How to easily boost immunity using local foods? What are locally available IBF?

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits the power house of energy supply is a perfect Immunity Booster Foods option for anyone at any age and is a travel friendly food, the major benefit. Along with its immunity boosting it keeps the body ready to stay healthy and keep the infections off to the reach to affect health.

Recipes with Dry Fruits

How to prepare dry fruits powder for babies and toddlers?


A probiotic “Live Active Culture” in yogurt containing healthy bacteria that keeps the gut and intestinal tract free from disease causing germs is highly beneficial for boosting immunity. On a daily basis of quantity 7-ounce of yogurt dose is effective to boost our body’s natural defenses against diseases. A fruity flavored Yogurt is highly recommended to cut off the excess sugar and going natural

Benefits of immunity boosting foods


Help decrease inflammation, helps reduce a sore throat and other inflammatory illnesses, and decreases nausea. It possesses cholesterol-lowering properties and boosting the healthy way of one’s immunity

how to boost immune system naturally


Rich in vitamin C, packed with numerous antioxidants, beta carotene presence, all these increase the infection-fighting ability or boost ones immune systems and helps stay healthy.

Spinach Special – Recipes with Spinach

immune boosting supplements


Healthiest and instant in boosting immunity it’s nutritious when semi-cooked retaining its nutrients and initiates Vitamin A similar to Spinach.

how to improve your immune system quickly


Toughen immunity with Almonds, when it comes to preventing and fighting cold Vitamin E is the key to a healthy immune system. Nuts and dry fruits Almonds are power-packed immunity-boosting properties.

Recipes with Almonds

Boosting your immune system with antioxidants

Oats and Barley

They contain beta-glucan which is a fiber type blessed with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities proven to boost immunity, speediness wound healing time, and help antibiotics work better

Oats and barley for the immunity boosting

Recipes with Oats


Antiviral, anti-fungal, keeping the cholesterol away by reducing thus antioxidant properties of Garlic helps in boosting the immunity and fights the cold, cough, flu, and regulates blood sugar level. Its highly recommended Garlic for immunity boosting.

list of foods to boost immune system


Bright yellow medicinal quality filled, a bitter spice used for years as an anti-inflammatory is high in concentrations of curcumin giving the distinctive color and helping to decrease exercise-induced muscle damage.

Article and Recipes with Turmeric 

immunity boosting foods ayurveda


Naturally holding tones of essential nutrients to fight infection, kiwis keep the body functioning properly and fight against diseases and making one immunity boost and stay disease-free.

Greens for the immunity boosting of the family


Mushrooms deliver a healthy immune system by increasing the production and the activity of White Blood Cells (WBC).

Fruits and veggies for boosting the immunity

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients, incredibly high content of Vitamin E, on a daily basis, a quarter-cup serving is enough to help the body fight against diseases and boost immunity at other times.

what is immunity

Its important properties in maintaining the functioning of the immune system are making it a superfood. Similarly, we can use Avacoda / Butter fruit for the same results

With all these the major factors for staying healthy, we need to follow

  • A routine of good hygiene, for boosting one’s immune system is a great way to start.
  • Secondly, diet is a part of strengthening and regulating the healthy working and functioning of the immune system. For all this eating fresh fruits, vegetables and the above-mentioned list help keep ourselves and the family healthy round the clock.

Sunflower seeds for the boosting the immunity

With all this, it’s not just that “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” but a happy mind and a clean body with positivity will truly boost your immunity, and the willpower will fight the diseases making the immune system function, and adhering to a balanced diet of Vitamins and minerals intake, with normal sleep patterns, adding on the most important of a good exercise regime will keep the diseases always far far away.

Going natural and not pilling the body is the first step, it’s always best this way and easier staying away from the side effects of the pills.

What is immunity boosting foods




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Apart from food is there anything that can help?

In short-

  • Stay away from Sugar
  • Give more room for Mushrooms on a balanced basis
  • Strengthen the intake of the tough Almonds
  • Get on to Citric Fruits
  • Rest and sleep
  • Stay safe with veggies (Optional)

Recipes list of Foods to Increase Immunity

Health Mix Sathumavu

Sathumavu, Mixed Millets Flour, Sirudhaniyam Sathumavu, Healthy mix powder, Millets energy powder, Millets drink, Ragi health mix, Multi Millets powder or traditionally Ragi seri is the one and only incredible Health mix recipe with combinations of perfect proportions of Millets to make one energy mix powder or Sathu maavu as it’s traditionally known as is a great Immunity Booster Foods

Healthy Health Mix for Toddlers and Babies


Dry Fruits Powder

This makes the best Immunity Booster and a Healthy Weight Gaining Food. Anytime any day while traveling or at home, you feel your baby’s daily nutrition isn’t met, add a spoonful of dry fruits powder to their favorite food, and you are done with your worry for sure. Trust me it’s that super-nutritious. We can add a spoonful of them to our baby’s fruit milkshakes, porridges, and for cooked sathumavu or any health mixes.

How to prepare dry fruits powder for babies and toddlers?

Sprouted Health Mix

Sprouted Sathumavu is a Health mix powder, homemade Protein-rich mix, highly termed as Homemade Ceralac, Ready to Make Porridge mix for your growing baby to a toddler. Sathumaavu is basically a combination of mixed Millets flour that’s sprouted for added nutrients, to make the energy mix a great Immunity Booster Food

Sprouted health mix as immunity booster foods

Kerala Banana Powder

Kerala Banana Powder also called the Ethakka Podi in Kerala is a completely natural and perfect First Food for your Babies. Kerala Banana Powder prepared using Raw Kerala Banana is a traditional food from the world-famous Land of Ayurveda. Kerala Banana Powder can be given to babies in all seasons as they do not cause any cough or cold and the best part being an Immunity Booster Weight Gaining Food

Kerala banana powder as immunity booster

Dry fruits Ladoo

The Energy and Brain Boosting Dry Fruits recipe for your Babies turned Toddlers growing into Kids. Unlike other Dry Fruits Laddu recipes, this one especially for babies and toddlers who have no or few teeth makes a good Snack packed with nutrition. A great Immunity booster food.

Dry fruits ladoo


The details mentioned here are generic and it is always better to consult a pediatrician before introducing your baby to any new food.

Immunity Booster Foods for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

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