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Ever wondered why Sprouted Ragi is recommended for babies over normal Ragi and why it is called the best First Food for Babies? In today’s video, we will discuss the changes that occur due to Sprouting, and How Sprouted Grains, Millets, and Legume, Seeds, can benefit babies and kids. 

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What is Sprouting?

Sprouting, or germination, is a common practice in India and abroad. It involves soaking the grain for 8 to 24 hours, rinsing it, tying it in a tight cloth, and setting it aside overnight for germination or sprouting. These days, simpler methods and many accessories are available to achieve the same results, minimizing the hard work and time involved.

Benefits of Sprouted Food for Babies & Kids

Why is Sprouted Food Good for Babies & Kids?

5 reasons Why Sprouts are Good for your Babies & Kids.

1. Easy to Digest – Sprouting breaks down complex carbohydrates and proteins into simpler forms, making these foods easier for young digestive systems to process. When solids are introduced to babies as a complementary food alongside breastmilk or formula, the goal is to not disturb the delicate digestive system; hence Sprouts make for the best First Solids, especially when made with simpler forms of carbohydrates like millets or grains. Gassiness, bloating, and irritability can also be reduced in young babies by offering them soaked and sprouted foods. 

2. Better Nutrient Absorption – The presence of antinutrients in foods can inhibit or prevent the optimal absorption of minerals and vitamins. During the sprouting process, the reduction of antinutrients like phytic acid enhances the absorption of iron, calcium, zinc, etc which play a vital role in your child’s optimal growth. This explains why some parents complain that despite offering timely and healthy food to their babies, the babies aren’t reaching milestones or gaining weight. 

3. Enhanced Nutrient Content – You may have seen claims on sprouted ragi powder for children stating it has 10x more calcium than wheat and rice and 5x more calcium than normal ragi. This doesn’t mean that sprouted ragi contain 10x more calcium, but that it allows our body to absorb more of the calcium present. The process of sprouting enhances the bioavailability of nutrients in grains, legumes, or seeds.

4. Better Taste – Whenever we prepare sambar with any legumes like black chana, we can taste the difference between normal and sprouted black chana. This is because the sprouting process enhances the taste. Thus, sprouted ragi or any sprouted food is tastier as sprouting also makes it a bit sweeter, making it more palatable to younger tongues.

5. Allergy and Sensitivity Friendly – The sprouting process reduces the presence of allergens found in the raw grains, seeds, etc. This helps mitigate allergic reactions and gastrointestinal discomfort. Also, as sprouts are easier to digest, these foods prove less of a sensitivity issue in young digestive systems.

6.  Improved B12 Levels: Vitamin B12 is an essential part of the diet and consuming sprouted grains naturally improves the intake of B12 levels. Vegetarians have reduced B12 levels and this can be enhanced by taking sprouts from an early age.

7. Helps reduce the craving for unhealthy snacks: Eating Sprouts makes the little tummy feel fuller for longer and stops from craving junk food between meals. Again, this is important for kids, who often crave junk food at the first sign of hunger.

To add on, sprouting indicates that enzyme action has already started in the seed, which the human body doesn’t have to work as hard to process. Hence, sprouts are also referred to as pre-digested or light foods. This means that when we consume sprouted foods, we also consume a host of enzymes that aid in better digestion and absorption.

With this knowledge and understanding, our ancestors always insisted on eating sprouted grains over normal grains, which is why many baby foods were also sprouted. These include Sprouted Ragi Powder, Sprouted Sathu Mavu, and Sprouting all lentils, pulses, and grains for use in curries, sambars, sabzis, and salads. Let us use this knowledge to provide the healthiest food to our children. Please take a look at Tots and Moms Food Store, where we offer Sprouted Ragi Powder, Sprouted Sathu Mavu, and Sprouted Ragi & Almond Drink.

Video: Why is Sprouted Food Good for Babies & Kids

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