Hello wonderful Parents out there reading the article. This is Kavitha Prashanth, founder of Tots and Moms and Urban Kannadati youtube channel. Being a Parent, in this fast paced world I totally understand balancing work, managing household chores, and at the same time taking care of your babies is one of the biggest challenges.
To make your life easier we have introduced instant mixes for babies packed with nutrients. Simply mix the instant food powder with hot water, and you’re good to serve.

Tots and Moms Instant Mixes Edition

 Amaranth & Makhana Instant Mix: 

  • Ingredients used are Amaranth(30%), Makhana(25%), Rice(44%), Cardamom(1%)
  • Amaranth contains a high protein percentage. It is gluten-free and easily digestible
  • Makhana which is rich in calcium and micronutrients acts as a bone strengthener
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, and no artificial sugars. It is minimally processed under hygienic conditions
  • Take 4 tablespoons of the Instant Mix in a bowl and add 100 ml of piping hot water while stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Cover the bowl with a lid and let it rest for 5 minutes; alternatively, cook for 2 minutes for a creamier texture. 

Instant Oats Khichdi

  • It’s a combination of light carbs and essential nutrients, including calcium, iron, and vitamins.
  • Light on the stomach, and Infused with the immunity-boosting flavors.
  • Simply add piping hot water to the powder, stir the mixture, and, if desired, enhance it with dry fruits.
  • Versatile and nutritious, this khichdi can be served as a porridge, halwa, dosa, or gruel, catering to the preferences of kids of all ages.
  • Minimally processed under hygienic condition

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Instant Ragi & Oats

  • It’s a blend of two grains, Sprouted Ragi and fiber-rich oats which caters to the nutritional needs of growing children’s
  • Sprouted Ragi boasts 10 times the calcium content of wheat and rice and three times that of milk, making it an excellent choice for bone health in growing children.
  • The synergy of fiber-rich oats, Sprouted Ragi, along with Broken Wheat Dalia, Almond, and Cardamom Powder, results in a creamy and subtly flavored mixture that serves as a strengthening first food for young ones.
  • This instant mix contains no artificial sugars, milk, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Dalia Dates & Almond Instant Mix

  • It’s a combination of wheat, almonds, and dates
  • Rich source of proteins, calcium, and iron, essential for growing bones and brain development in children.
  • Supports immunity, fights diseases, promotes good digestion, and enhances learning faculties in children.
  • No artificial sugars, no milk, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors

Why Tots and Moms?

When comparing Tots and Moms Instant Mixes to other brands, it’s crucial to highlight our dedication to your baby’s nutrition. Unlike some brands that rely on artificial flavors and additives to enhance taste, we prioritize the wholesome goodness of each ingredient. While other brands may use additives to encourage overconsumption, we believe in providing balanced nutrition without compromise. Our instant mixes are crafted with carefully selected ingredients, offering essential nutrients without unnecessary extras. With Tots and Moms, you can trust that every serving is packed with natural goodness, supporting your baby’s growth and development. Choose Tots and Moms Instant Mixes for convenient, nutritious meals that prioritize your baby’s well-being.


In conclusion, Tots and Moms is committed to providing wholesome and nutritious baby foods, ensuring they are free from harmful additives. Our products aim to contribute to your baby’s healthy development, offering a range of options suitable for different stages. As a mother myself, I understand the importance of giving your child the best, and Tots and Moms is here to support you in that journey.